Faces of Lancaster Prison

Tom Kubik recently had a challenging task: photographing inmates at the California State Prison of Los Angeles County. The assignment for Defy Ventures, an organization dedicated to transforming convicts into entrepreneurs, required Tom to get locked up inside the prison for 14 hours without any contact with the outside world.

Immersed in Defy’s program at one of California’s most dangerous prisons, Tom was able not only to capture poignant images, but also to personally experience its transformative impact on the participants. Moved by the encounter, Tom gained an enhanced perspective on how granting a second chance might not only benefit others, but how we can apply the concept to ourselves.

Check out Tom’s blog at tomkubikphoto.com/release to read about his experience firsthand. And for more of his inmate portraits and other images visit www.mereps.com  kubik-161014-defy_0940  kubik-161014-defy_0944kubik-161014-defy_0813  kubik-161014-defy_1029

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Bill Wadman for POZ Magazine


Bill Wadman photographed actor Javier Muñoz recently for the current issue of POZ magazine.
The two hit it off right away, and Wadman set up a few different shots with the talented thespian at the Berry Campbell Gallery in Chelsea.

bw_javiermunoz262Muñoz took over the title role of Alexander Hamilton in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash hit musical this summer, after being with the production from the very beginning. He’s performed as an alternate in numerous shows, including ones with celebrity attendees such as Prince, Beyoncé and the Obamas.
The 40-year-old has overcome many obstacles to reach his starring role: he’s been living with HIV for over 14 years and recently survived a battle with cancer. Within a few weeks of his last radiation treatment, he was back on the Hamilton stage, performing with a renewed passion.

Check out the inspiring article at poz.com , and visit mereps.com for more of Bill’s recent photos and projects.

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Corner Portraits

Bill Wadman has been photographing an ongoing series of portraits depicting a diverse group of subjects. While the people he’s been shooting have been of all ages, sexes, ethnicities and professions, there is one common denominator: they’ve all agreed to sit for him in the same set – a simple sixteen square foot corner. Within this modest setting, Bill’s expert lighting evokes a painterly quality to the portraits, and he is able to capture the essence of his subjects.


See a few more portraits from this series below, and check out the growing collection of images on our website at www.mereps.com


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