Scott Ferguson shoots Bigfoot

Scott Ferguson shoots Bigfoot 

Earlier this year, photographer Scott Ferguson had the chance to photograph Bigfoot for the latest marketing campaign of Tourney Fungicide. The product, made by agriculture firm Valent, is an all-in-one turf disease fighter marketed to golf courses, and they have been using the Bigfoot character as its mascot for the past few years. 

Scott Ferguson Tourney Bigfoot AdThe Bigfoot costume, which travels to trade shows, charity events, and marketing presentations, is realistic, but the challenge of the shoot was bringing the costume to life.  The mask was shot separately in order to capture the all-important facial expressions. Each feature was manipulated by hand, photographed individually, and later recombined digitally to produce the final image. The model’s face and hands were also made up and photographed to use for texture, and sculpture artist and model maker, Wally HauScott Ferguson Bigfoot Wine Bottleck, created the warped golf clubs for the shot.

The client loved the result, and the displayed image was a big hit at a recent trade show. When the shoot was completed, Scott came up with a unique way of thanking the creative team by designing a special “Bigfoot Vineyards” wine label and presenting everyone with their own personal bottles.

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