Jeremy Bales for Slim-Fast!

Jeremy Bales was recently selected by the creative team for Slim-Fast! to work on their new ad campaign.

Jeremy Bales Slim-Fast! ad

The idea for the ads was to move away from the usual “before & after” pictures generally associated with diet plans and to present a conceptual image that evoked a variety of sentiments in viewers’ minds.

Jeremy’s whimsical yet realistic style was the key reason he was chosen for the shoot.

Since the layout showed a broad perspective of a transit bus with several people riding, Jeremy opted for shooting inside a real bus, rather than creating a set. The rented bus was driven into a large cinema stage in Brooklyn which provided Jeremy ample room outside the bus to set up lighting, but very tight quarters inside the bus for additional interior lights. The digital tech was stationed just outside the bus, while the clients viewed the images live on a large monitor just a few feet away.

As with many of Jeremy’s unique pictures, the final image selected was created in camera with only minimal retouching needed for clean up and color correction.

Check out our behind the scenes video and images of the shoot, and for more of Jeremy’s work go to

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